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Monica Kunzekweguta is a multiple best-selling International Author and compiler. She is a Certified Life Coach, prolific Speaker, and Mastermind facilitator. Owner of Growth Mindset Inc. A Life Empowerment Coach, she compiled her first anthology in 2015, a journey which inspired her to go into publishing. Authors Without Boundaries is one of the vehicles that gives Monica the opportunity to use her coaching skills to help people transform as they open up, and blossom through sharing their life experiences to help others. A Sociology graduate, Monica gained a lot of experience dealing with life’s challenges in the UK, where She worked as a manager in the Mental Health sector for over 15 years. She volunteered at the Calgary Crisis Centre. Monica completed several self-development and leadership Programs. Monica completed her training in Consciousness, Creativity and Connections through the Proctor and Gallagher Institute. She believes in continuous learning to serve others better, she is currently working on the Thinking into Results Program. Monica was a guest speaker at the Living Without Limitations Conference in Toronto in 2014, She speaks at the Building for the Future Conference Kansas USA, Beautreat Beauty Parlour launch in the UK, Robinson Graduation ceremony in Edmonton Canada, colleges, and schools. She has also appeared on the Nikki Clarke TV and radio shows, and several radio stations. Monica is Project Founder of Inspiration for Kids International, a charity which provides library books to children living in rural Zimbabwe, this enables them to gain exposure through reading, and gives them a chance to a better life. She enjoys travelling, reading, knitting, watching documentaries, and walking. Topics Titles: 1. Resilience: How to use Adversities for achievement one step at a time.
Resilience is just like a muscle which needs developing. This muscle is not developed in anticipation of challenges, but when challenges come your awareness will help you through the challenge without destroying who you are, but build your confidence, self-worth, and your determination to live your life, and fulfil your purpose. You will also learn that there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your needs first. Selfish will cease to be a negative label, because you can only serve well when you are physically, emotional, and spiritual healthy.
2. Healing through writing
As an author and publisher, I have come a long, where I have healed and realized my potential, only after sharing my story in an anthology. I have also seen this happen with some of my co-authors. Writing is a tool which we can use to improve in many areas of our lives. Writing is the most useful tool for thinking, expression, and creativity. It has
many psychological benefits, if more people were aware they would write more often. It boosts confidence and self-esteem, attributes which are essential to our being.
Monica will show you: -How to for habits for Success -How to change your life draining story for a success story -Build your resilience muscle and overcome stagnation -How to design a life you want -How to create a Vision Board to manifest your dream



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